tiistai 14. toukokuuta 2013

I need a change

I love Finland but this country doesn't love me. I'm sad but  I hope that in UK I'll found the happiness because my dream is live in a house without parents. Living my life in another country.

I'm 24 years, I'm living in Finland ( Tuusula) during more than one year as a nanny but I need more. I think that is possible that my future doesn't stay in the northern country because bad luck follow me in this months (with jobs).

UK can give me opportunities to make a job without families as Au Pair, a job for myself. At first I want searching something that I can do  (but no nanny) and after make an evolution to "help people". Live in UK isn't a bad option because you can learn more English and speak ( in the time) as a native.

I don't like specially London because there are a lot of Spanish people, prefer little villages or something similar because is more easy speak with natives and practice this international language. But before than I go to UK if people of Master accept me, I'll do Master before travell!.

Simply I need a change for my evolution and independence. All people want live alone their life, I need the same. My rules, my life, my job and...my cat? xD Duna! come with me to the next travell! jajajaja

I know that in United Kingdom there are a lot of Spanish people but there are more opportunities too. But always I'll love Finland forever and ever because is my lovely country but I think that in this moment I need put distance.


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